Rural Schools of Nepal

About 5000 schools were destroyed and many others damaged in the 7.8 magnitude earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal. In the midst of this challenging situation, many foundations and institutions have helped with resources and projects to reconstruct these schools along with the resilient spirit of the Nepalese who actively rebuilt their community. In February 2016, as an assignment for World Nomads along with Canon Master Richard I’Anson, I was able to capture some of these schools in recovery in the rural area of Salleri, Solukhumbu District, situated at 2300m altitude in the Northeastern region of Nepal where the Mount Everest is located. The resources of the families of these children were already limited but after the earthquakes, school buildings were completely lost giving these kids an even more challenging living situation. Despite all of this they would happily walk one hour to get to their classes and one hour to return back to their homes every day through the beautiful but heavy and tiring mountain paths of this rural area of Nepal.